Thursday, May 6, 2010

Bantam Chick Pics

DH made me go to TSC to get feed even though he knew I'd been avoiding it like the plague as it's chick season.  Long story short, I have 6 bantam chicks.  lol

This is a mille fleur d'uccle chick, I got two of these so my total is now 5 mille fleur d'uccles

This is a really sleepy golden seabright chick.  I got two of these.  Total is now 2 lol

Not quite sure what type of bantam he is, either a cochin or a bantam brahma.  Either way it's the tank of the group.

This is Tiny, I know, creative.  Can you guess why she's called that?  lol.  This is the absolute smallest chick I have ever seen in my life!  She is almost a week old in this pic.  I'm thinking she is an OEGB but which kind????????  I sent pics to Mt. Healthy- the hatchery that supplied my local TSC and am waiting for them to tell me what she and the cochin/brahma is.

Size comparison.  Tiny and the bantam cochin/brahma?

Can you see why I couldn't leave them there?  I was really worried about Tiny because the teenage girls they have working at TSC were completely CLUELESS and didn't care that some of the chicks were dying in the stock tank.  I suggested they put some sugar in the water but they said that they had already put antibiotics in it. 

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