Friday, April 22, 2011

The Great Seedling Count

Hi, I know I haven't been around much this month- busy busy around here!!!  I've been having lots of fun planting seeds and here is what I have coming up so far at my house:
100ish Tomatoes
150ish Eggplant (What was I thinking???)
100ish Peppers (hot and milds but no bells yet- I KNOW I have those seeds somewhere!!)
30ish Red Cabbage
3 Comfrey
40ish Jerusaleum Artichoke (they are getting over 3' tall)
12ish Spinach

I have a great friend who has started Brussell Sprouts, Cabbages- red, green and cone, Tomatoes and lots of other goodies for me. 

Seeded 9 Yellow Nasturtiums today (pretty and edible)
1 comfrey growing outside under glass cloche- didn't dare put them all outside in case they all died
The Jerusaleum Artichokes I had put outside never came up- Hoping they will but worried they rotted (the ground is very wet).
65 of the peppers that growing are Jalapeno's.  I'll use some for us but most will be dried for the chickens- They love them!!!

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