Thursday, April 8, 2010

Crashyitis or Chicken Addict

Hello, my name is Jasmine and I am an addict. *insert* helllooooo Jasmine.

Went to TSC and came home with 12 more chicks- 4 black australorps, 4 black jersey giants, and 4 silkies (probably white).
So the chick count is now:
13 Cuckoo Marans
8 sex-link packing peanuts
4 BA's
4 BJG's
4 silkies
7 Barred Rocks
and about 40 or so that I hatched out (I have 6 left that I'm keeping)
Oh and I'll be getting White Leghorns from the school hatching.
Oh and if Chickenista's black copper marans ever come off of strike I will hopefully get some hatching eggs.
Oh, and I'll probably have to order 15 mille de fleur d'uccle pullets from a hatchery as I can't even begin to find any locally.

Let's see if I can approximate how many I have now:

5 Black Australorp hens
4 BA chicks
2 Barred rock hens
7 BR chicks
7 white sex-linkishs
1 white leghorn hen
1 Cuckoo Marans hen
1 Cuckoo Marans roo
13 CM pullet
4 bantam cochins (2 hens and 2 roos- not matching colors OF COURSE)
1 mille de fleur d'uccle roo (need hens)
2 Buff Orpington hens
1 BO roo
4 Black Jersey Giant chicks
4 Silkie chicks
7 dual layer mutts, some of which are mixed with cochin bantams (feathered feet)
14 red sex-link hens
1 Welsummer red hen

OMG I have 79 chickens, and I'm not done yet, lololol

=Expecting around 15 white leghorns from the school
=Gonna have to order 15 mille de fleur d'uccles when I can find a hatchery that only sells pullets. These should only count as a half a chicken as they are so small, lol
=want to get matching colors for the bantam cochins so looking at 8 more of them
=I NEED black copper marans, lol

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