Thursday, February 17, 2011

Shame on YOU Dervaes'!!!

I can't believe what I'm reading EVERYWHERE on the net!!  Dervaes'- Shame on You!!!  You did not come up with the terms "Urban Homestead" or "Urban Homesteading" and yet you think it's fair that only YOU can use these terms?  What's next, are you going to trademark the terms "French Intensive Gardening", "Compost", "Dirt"??? 

While I do think that you are doing great things with your land, you are morally reprehensible.  It's bad enough that your website is constantly asking for charity when you don't actually teach people how you are gardening.  Yes there are lots of pretty pictures and yes you have a family of great gardeners, but how about actually helping others to live a more self-sufficient lifestyle?  Is it because you didn't invent biodynamic/french intensive gardening and can't trademark it?  If you were actually teaching others how to do what you do without charging the people an arm and a leg then you may have more supporters. 

You went commercial a few years ago and I haven't been following your site for awhile now because I just never found much useful information there.  Yes I'm glad that you can grow so much food, but it doesn't help me with my gardening and as such is useless because I won't buy your overpriced crap in your store.   Pretty pictures are great when I look outside and see white everywhere, but I can see pretty pictures on pages that have writing that explains the pictures and how the veg/grain/fruit was grown, etc.  You have just hit a new low and I am SOOOO unfriending you on facebook!!

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