Friday, February 25, 2011

Snow is Fun NOT

We've got about 6 inches of snow so far (on top of the existing snow) in Northernmost Central PA (on NY Border). We're fine. Our new (to us) truck is climbing our hill like a champ.

Eh- spoke too soon- the truck slid in the snow and DH is off to buy another set of chains (I know we have chains- or at least we used to have multiple sets- gotta love how *stuff* disappears) to yank the truck out since it's off the driveway and in danger of rolling. We have another truck and a tractor that can yank it out, just can't find the chains........ Life on a mountaintop is fun!!

I have complete faith in my husband, I know he'll figure out the right solution to this problem.   And the next set of chains we buy are gonna stay locked up in the truck!!

UPDATE:  It took 2 guys 4 hours to get the truck (then the tractor and then FIL's Jeep) unstuck but it worked!!  Sooooo Happy!!!!!  Now the guys are having a well-deserved coffee break!!

Kinda hard to tell but the truck is 1/2 off the driveway 

 FIL's Jeep stuck in the driveway

 The springs are still running
 Tractors tires frozen to the ground, Mark winching tractor free
 Digging out the Jeep
 Obie on the freshly shoveled porch watching Daddy and Grandpa

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